talk & Workshop at the Bundestreffen der freien Schulen, 2016

Since 2016 the secondary school Freie Comenius Schule in Darmstadt, Germany, has a new Logo displaying my typeface Lisbeth. (Logodesign: Atelier Löwentor, Darmstadt).
The school was very curious about typeface design and that there is actually a real person behind the font they install on their computer. A few month later I got the opportunity to give a talk and a workshop during the national conference of independent schools and presented typefaces as tools you design with but also tools you can actively design.
comenius Louisa Fröhlich
comenius Louisa Fröhlich
typeface design: Louisa Fröhlich, Wiesbaden
logo design: Atelier Löwentor, Darmstadt