Lisbeth is a charming all-italic typeface family for branding and text and is available at the type foundry TypeTogether.
The general idea evolved from my master project Klabauter, but the proportions and the shapes have been highly refined for the release.

The letterforms are inspired by calligraphy and handwritten models but in the end the creation was guided by imagination instead of restrictive writing tools. The stroke is twisted and gives the letters a three-dimensional flavour and a characterful internal vividness.

The text weights from thin to bold are optimized for the usage in paragraph text. The contrast and twist inside the letters are more pronounced in the vibrant heavier weights but almost absent in the graceful structure of the thin weight. The almost upright angle and the high x-height is perfect to read even longer texts comfortably. Lisbeth is slightly condensed and can be used very space efficiently.
Lisbeth by Louisa Fröhlich
The quirky display style of the family easily catches every eye. The design concept of the twisted stroke is at the extreme and makes the letters dance on the page. Even though the shapes behave wildly, every letter is carefully balanced in itself so that the rhythmic repetition of the lettershapes results in an even and harmonic total picture.

Lisbeth supports numerous languages (Latin-A extended) and is well-equipped for sophisticated typography. The character set comes with ligatures and contextual alternates. Lisbeth supports proportional lining and oldstyle figures, tabular figures, subscripts, superscripts, and fractions.

Lisbeth is available at the type foundry TypeTogether.
Read more about the background and development of the family in the TypeTogether Blog.
Lisbeth Display by Louisa Fröhlich