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Lisbeth Typeface Design by Louisa Fröhlich


Lisbeth is a charming all-italic typeface family designed by Louisa Fröhlich for branding and text and is available at the type foundry TypeTogether.
Klabauter by Louisa Fröhlich


Klabauter is a typeface family for the Latin and Greek script, designed by Louisa Fröhlich.
Elbasan and Old Permic Typeface Design by Louisa Fröhlich

Elbasan & Old Permic

  These two scripts are not commonly used anymore. They did not have an acceptable digital version and their digitalisation was part of a research project initiated by the University of Applied Sciences Mainz.
Tai Viet Typeface Design by Louisa Fröhlich

Tai Viet

Typface Design (Schriftgestaltung) von der Designerin Louisa Fröhlich für das Minderheiten-Schriftsystem Tai Viet. Tai Viet ist ein lebendes Schriftsystem einer ethnischen Minderheit in Vietnam, Laos und Thailand. Es schreibt die Sprachen Tai Dam, Tai Dón und Tai Song. Die Gestaltung der Schrift ist im Stil einer klaren monolinearen Sans Serife.